27 July 2020

Ammosexuals failed, and thankfully the end is near

So much to think about today (and yesterday, and before).

Norma Lewis holds a flower while forming a “Wall of Moms” during a Black Lives Matter protest in Portland, Ore., on July 20, 2020. 
(Noah Berger / Associated Press) from https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-07-23/worldwide-mothers-protests-against-sensed-injustice
The Ammosexuals continue to demonstrate that freedom is only worth marching for fully-armed if it is the loss of freedom to go unmasked to cheap restaurants in sleazy malls. And of that was worth marching onto and attempting to occupy State Capital buildings. When real tyranny appears in the form of federal agents in military uniforms arresting people off the streets and stuffing them into unmarked vans; when one or two people out of a thousand throw a bottle or push a fence (and very possibly agent provocateurs) then it is a “Riot” and all can be attacked; when Moms form a line to protest police (federal agents now) brutality and are shot in the head; where are the 2nd Amendment Ammosexuals? If these events are not worthy of armed white men (and women) marching to protect the first amendment or the rest of the constitution, when what will be?
Arbys, Mcdonalds, nail salons?

We need to label the Ammosexuals for what they are; spoilt cowards with access to instruments of intimidation and death. Cowards and bullies.

If Biden wins and the Democrats have both houses(from my lips to God's ear), there must be a redefinition of the Second Amendment and a banning of all assault rifle style weapons, mandatory training, mandatory liability insurance, mandatory licensing. If not that, then how about a blanket ban. A "well-regulated militia". What part of a "well-regulated militia" needs Concealed Carry Licenses?

“You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead, fingers”. What bullshit. Ammosexuals have proven that when there is a real ‘fight’ and real tyranny they stay home. They are cowards, and they will refuse to hand in their guns, but they will not wage war to keep them.

Make the fines for retaining the unlicenced guns in the hands of untrained people without liability insurance so punitive that they will ruin a family’s financial stability for a decade. The first few times that people lose houses due to fines for continued un-"well-regulated" gun ownership, that they lose their truck and their jobs and are labelled felons (oh, and take away their right to vote also?) then we will see their wives and mothers lining their men-child-folk up to get licenses, lining up for mandatory training, and displaying their insurance cards along with their NRA membership card. If the NRA continues to exist (investigate them for collusion with Russian in the attempted destruction of the US).

The Ammosexuals had their chance, and they blew it. They could have stood up for freedom and for the Constitution, they didn’t.

Which moves us to the next thing I was thinking about yesterday and this morning; how does this end? Or, more accurately, how do we see that this is turning and the end is in sight?

I’m looking for a specific event.

I’m looking for the video (to come I hope) that shows a Federal Agent stopping, clearly thinking about what they are doing, and stepping out of line and walking across to the protesters' side. I want to see what result that has.

History is made from those moments. Sometimes they lead to complete change while other times they simply highlight the wrongness of what is happening and the bravery of individuals in the face of oppression, and the unwillingness of some oppressors to continue.

The individual guard(s) on the Berlin Wall who suddenly stepped aside and demonstrated that they would do nothing to stop the hammering and beating of the wall.

“Tank man” in Beijing.

Rosa Parks.

As the “Federal Agents” come to understand that what they are doing is wrong, morally and legally, and that Trump probably will not be re-elected and their behaviour will be under scrutiny, and that they may be charged with criminal offences, then they will begin to waver. It takes one, two, five of them with enough morality or enough intellect to see a grim future for them and the country, and this will be over. They will walk off the line, take a knee, hug a protester. And it will be over.

That is one way that this ends.

The other is Kent State. 50 years ago this year, the National Guard fired on anti-war protesters at Kent State University in Ohio. 4 dead and 9 injured, and one President’s war policy demolished. From that point on, there was no realistic prospect of the US remaining in Vietnam. Tet was big and turned American against the war. But Kent State turned America against the government that sanctioned the war and sanctioned violent suppression of peaceful demonstrations.

Will Portland have a Kent State moment?

I’m hoping that one night soon we will see a wave of “Federal Agents” walk across to the protesters' side, or at least put their weapons down and refuse orders to fire on the protesters, with rubber coated bullets or even tear gas.

I’m hoping that there is not a Kent State moment in which some of those agents decide that they have had enough and start shooting to kill, and do kill protesters. That will not end well. Mr Law and Order will face a real uprising.

And if there is any good news out of all of this, it is that we now know that the chickenshit Ammosexuals will stand and bully, but that at the first sign of a “Wall of Moms” and a “Wall of Vets” that they will waver, and then they too will flee.

The end is near, and it as with all culminating points in time, it could go either way. But history is on the side of the protesters.

And the Ammosexuals will sit this one out, demonstrating the frauds that they are and have been all along.

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