06 September 2018

The mob is spent, the counter-revolution will now begin

This week may go down in history as the end of the Trump presidency.

The core of Trump’s presidency has been the unwavering support of the Republican Party, and the fear within the elected cadre of Senators that any wavering of support will see the president turn on them. This week may change that.

This presidency is not a presidency of the “far right” or of any known political spectrum. It is the presidency of the disaffected who have been ignored for decades, and have watched industries die, jobs disappear, minorities appear to prosper, and most importantly, they’ve watched the corporations and the wealthy grow in power and wealth to their detriment. This presidency was the presidency of the revolution.

Of course, like all revolutions, those how had the power in the revolution represented those that knew how to mobilize and bamboozle the masses, not the masses themselves. People who carry swords and command soldiers, be they corporate lawyers or musket wielding infantry, are not the people whose only weapons are the pitchfork and the torch. The mob is lead, not by the poor and the downtrodden, but by the rich and conniving.

This is the presidency of the rich, the revolution commanded by the rich, to protect their wealth through a mobilized and manipulated mob. 

Ultimately, however, the mob realizes that they have been had. They realize that those who lead them were their exploiters from the very beginning. Will be mob turn on the leaders of the revolution?

Sitting in Congress and the Senate right now are those who saw the revolution, feared that the mob would come for them, and aligned themselves with the “leaders” of the mob. They played the game for decades, and they have become rich and powerful off the exploitation of the system and most importantly the exploitation of those who elected them.  

And for the first year and a half of this presidency, it appeared the mob could be controlled, and as long as they publically aligned themselves with the revolution and the President, they believed they could ride out the storm.

Now, this week, it has become clear that those closest to the President fully understood the bargain they made – power and security in exchange for supporting the leader of the mob. Fear and Anonymous have pulled back the curtain, and shown us all three things.

  • We see clearly that craven sycophancy is the only way to survive in the White House, even when you took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Stealing documents off the President’s desk so that he will not sign them, all the while writing the documents he wants in the first place, shows the lengths that his minions will go to try to curb the worst. They promise that they are trying to protect the country, while at the same time protect themselves.
  • If anyone doubted that the President is unfit, then this week has proven beyond doubt that not only is he unfit for office, but that he is a danger to the United States. Did we really need to see him prove his ignorance by not being able to color the flag he tells us all to honor?
  • We have also seen a White House that is in open rebellion against the leader of the mob, and the mob is now seeing clearly that they have been duped. They cannot bring themselves to say that the revolution was unjust, and they will continue with the pitchforks and torches until their bloodlust has been sated. But that is going to take heads in baskets in the Place de Republic, and the heads will be those of the revolution who failed the mob.

This is what was shown so clearly this week. And this is why this week will be seen as the end of the Trump presidency. 

In Senate office, and in Senators’ kitchens and constituency offices, the conversation today is about the lasting damage that will be or has been, done to their names and prospects for the future. They know that when Trump falls, and fall he will, their support for him will earn them a one-way ticket to the guillotine. They now are faced with the calculation; how much longer must I hold the line, before I have held it too long?

They are all asking themselves "When this is all done, how will I be able to protect my reputation in years to come? Will I be able to remove the stain?"

They know that when Trump is gone, their support for Trump will remain on their record for the next twenty to thirty years. So how much longer must the support Trump, and yet still have time to repair reputations by saying that they too were duped by the leader of the mob?

Not all Republican Senators support Trump, but they do support the party and they do, more than anything, support their own grasp on power and the associated access to wealth and protection. But when the mob is in the street marching toward you, pitchforks in hand and torches burning, it is safer to pull out your sword and show the mob how much you support them.

But once the mob has calmed, and you have survived, there will be a time when you, holder of the sword, will turn on the leaders of the mob, and purge the mob. You with the power will ensure that this threat to your power cannot happen again.

This week will be seen as the time that those with the swords started, publically, to turn on the mob, and to reassert control.

So this week, next maybe, we will see the first Republican Senators overtly turning on Trump, out of greater fear of being guillotined by the counter-revolution than by any residual fear of the leader of the mob.

The mob is spent, and their leader sounds desperate.

The counter-revolution has begun.

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