28 September 2018

The allegations are not the issue, character is the issue

Yesterday I watched the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh. I watched both his accuser's testimony and questioning, and his. I believe her. I don't believe him. But let us be very clear, there is not enough in the "she said, he said" for this to go to court. In addition, the desire to stall is a reasonable political manoeuvre. But that is not the issue.

The issue was what this exposed in the character of the nominee. What I saw yesterday was a political hack making the allegations part of a vast left-wing conspiracy by the Democrats to undermine the United States of Amerika. "Revenge" for the Clintons. Payback for the 2016 election. While the third might have, tangentially, a hint of truth, the first two are the work of a partisan and hateful mind, following in the Trumpian steps of telling the lie and keep telling the lie.

Kavanaugh demonstrated his character yesterday. He proved that he is not, and will not be a non-partisan judge on the highest court. He proved that his first question, even if only to himself, will be what political party is represented by either side in a case before the court, not the merits of the arguments from both sides in each case.

Yesterday we saw a Judge become a Republican Judge, who will ensure, regardless of the merits of any case, that the Republican position is upheld. 

It also became very clear, that this White Privilege Man will extract Revenge on those that called his name into question. He will place a lens of "left-wing conspiracy" over every case before him. And he will explain how he has been called by God to defend Amerika from the Clintons.

The man showed his character, and in so doing confirmed that the allegations did not matter. He will be a Supreme Court Judge, and Amerika will have taken another step toward the destruction of the Republic.

God Help Amerika, because the Trumpian Republicans will not.

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