11 September 2018

9/11 and Amerika is doing what?

Today is 9/11, the day that we commemorate those killed by those we supported and support to this day. After the horrible events of 9/11, never forget became an Amerikan phrase as well. And we do not forget. Four aeroplanes, 19 hijackers, the Twin Towers destroyed and the Pentagon hit, and one flight into a field after the passengers fought back. Eventually, Osama Bin Laden was killed, but before that, the Taliban government of Afghanistan was overthrown.

Yet all that Amerika is doing now is only encouraging those that perpetrated the attacks, expanding the range of people willing to carry out attacks, all the while backing away from real friends.

Have we forgotten what created the condition that allowed 9/11 to happen? Have we forgotten who actually did this? Meddling in the Middle East for decades, blindly supporting Israel and Saudi Arabia, no matter what they chose to do. 

Why is the US supporting the bombing of Yemen?

Why is the US supporting radical Islamist forces in Syria (and before that, in Iraq)?

Why is the Amerikan president saying that Canada is an enemy? The very people who gave so much support at all levels on 9/1. The country that went into closed parliamentary session for the only time in their history to help the US during the hostage crisis in Iran in 1980, is an enemy? What madness has consumed him and his followers?

15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabian citizens. None from Yemen. None from Syria. None from Iran. The Saudi Arabian intelligence services had contact with some of the hijackers when they were in the US preparing.

But the US invaded Iraq, and are helping to bomb Yemen (neither involved). The US, with the French and the British,  helped overthrow Quadaffi in Libya (that certainly helped make friends).

But the US of Amerika is banning people from Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Somalia, oh, and just make it not be a "Muslim ban", people are also banned if they come from Venezuela and North Korea.

Travellers are not banned from Saudi Arabia (15 of the 19 hijackers), UAE (2/19), Egypt (1/19) or Lebanon (1/19).

Now I am NOT suggesting that Arabs or Muslims are terrorists. they are not. Not even a tiny minority. Yes, an extreme minority of extremists, just as in all religions. 

Let's be very clear, if we actually wanted to ban terrorists, we would not allow southern white men and gun owners more generally to travel to the US, but as they already live there (and are citizens, though that didn't really matter in the case of a Latino Muslim Amerikan citizen who was arrested in the US and thrown in a military brig in the US, as an enemy combatant), there really is nothing we can do about them.

I am NOT suggesting that the US of Amerika has gone mad, I am saying that Amerika has gone mad. And while the community will allow the madman some leeway, eventually the madman will be expelled from the village. I think we are getting closer to expulsion by the day. 

At least Amerika will be able to take solace from its close friends. Oh, wait...

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