27 August 2018

Why I think Trump is vile, in 24 bullets

Facebook being what it is, I was recently challenged to give any examples of why I thought Mr. Trump is the most unethical president in history. I simply said “lies” and was told that I was a coward for not providing a “real” answer. So here is my real answer, in a list.

  1. Bone spurs – real patriots did not, and do not, do all they can to avoid national service, especially when the nation calls upon them to do so. While this certainly is not unique to Trump (Dark Lord Chaney is another good example) it does speak to character.
  2. Paid off porn stars. Okay, I know, this was before he was president, but it now appears that the act of paying off at least two of them may have been explicit violations of campaign financing laws.  And, how many were paid off? 2, more, 12?
  3. Illegitimate child. Well, okay, so that puts him in good company with monarchs around the world.
  4. 7 surrogates/employees guilty (so far). Either he is really thick and actually did not know that they were committing crimes (or had committed crimes) or he is actively surrounding himself with disreputable people who will do his bidding, legally or not.
  5. EPA gutted (so much for clean water or air, and hey, “clean coal” won’t kill you or miners as fast as the traditional stuff, which we need to use anyway because there is no “clean coal”).
  6. Disrespectful tweets. I would think that being mentioned by name and called out by Trump should by now be a badge of honor.
  7. Played by the North Koreans, and played like a bad fiddle.
  8. The Wall (and Mexico is paying for it). What I especially liked was his ability to bluster and rant while in the US in front of Amerikan audiences, but when he arrived in Mexico – crickets. The man is a coward.
  9. Tax returns (after the election) – don’t worry, we’ll see them soon enough, no matter who wins what in Nov.
  10. Writing his son’s statement about the Russian meeting. Well, I guess he has the same opinion of his son’s intelligence as the rest of us.
  11. Slandering/Defaming people – “dog” anyone? Or am I just repeating #6 above?
  12. Golf – good thing he is too busy as president to play golf. Oh, and some say he cheats.
  13. Insulting international leaders (and shoving the head of state of one country)
  14. Helsinki – private meeting with his handler? Were the first 10 minutes of the private meeting a showing of the pee-pee tape?
  15. Political punishment by removal of security clearances. There is a reason you ensure people keep their security clearances; it is to ensure that there is a deep bench of really talented people who know the history and can provide advice when needed.
  16. Emoluments. Oops, that’s a constitutional thing, and we don’t do that in Amerika anymore.
  17. “Sons of Bitches” (kneeling for the flag). Sorry, I support the right to protest, and the obligation to understand (not to agree, but to understand) what people are protesting and why. Misstating the real reason and smearing people is simply wrong. They are not protesting the Flag, they are protesting dead black people killed by police that then get off scot-free. 
  18. “Blood coming out of her everywhere”. Enough said.
  19. Money laundering (selling condos for cash payments to mobsters). This might go back to #9, but we will see soon enough.
  20. Said he would date his daughter is he was younger. Creepy, just creepy.
  21. “Grab them by the Pussy”
  22. Disrespect for veterans, disrespect for POWs, and disrespect for all those serving.
  23. Paper Towels. Meanwhile forgetting and hoping that Puerto Rico will just go away.
  24. Lies. Never ending lies.

I get shit from people for saying “Amerikan” and “Amerika”. When the United States of America stops being a Russian client state and the President no longer appears to be in the pocket of the KGB/GRU, then I will go back to calling it by the more common name. Consider this my protest.

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