12 February 2016

Grexit: The "Left" Failed Again, and Europe continues to fail Greece.

Soon, the Prime Minister of Greece will be forced to accept that capitulation did not save Greece, and that he has failed. Not only did he fail, but he failed in every way. Not only did he not achieve any concessions from Europe (read Germany), the IMF, ECB or European Parliament, he also failed to deliver the mandatory legislative changed demanded by the creditors. He failed to reform the Greek government, and instead has spend nine months perpetuating an already disastrous status quo.

Sadly his personal failure to stand by his values, and more importantly to meet his obligations to the 61% of voters who said "OXI", will taint not only his memory, but the entire "Left" for years to come. Meanwhile for his failure of nerve, the Greek people have lost a year of potential recovery, or at least the additional pain before the recovery has been postponed by a year, and the base from which they will begin their recovery has been reduced even further.

But nobody should be of any doubt, there will be a Grexit.

The Greeks know that the only way is out. Is Tsipras simply trying to hold power long enough to feather his nest (and create a future personal revenue by 'saving' the EU)? Does he really think that he will be loved for his treason?

How much longer before tractors blocking highways and undertakers going out in sympathy strikes leads to mass demonstrations in downtown Athens? Riots of farmers are already happening in Athens. General Strike anyone?

Greek Tractors about to block the highway

Greece's masters, also known as the European Commission and the Reichstag, meanwhile vilify Greece for its response to the flood or migrants (oops, refugees) that pour across its borders from Turkey, their NATO ally.

So while we have two themes here; subjugation by European powers, and exploitation by a NATO ally, the core problem is the treason of the Prime Minister. He claims a "mandate" from the post-treason snap election, an election in which the choice was the current traitor, or the previous traitors.

And in the snap election, the voter turnout dropped significantly from the referendum, to just over 50%. Looks more like voter apathy then a mandate.

Meanwhile the Center (Brussels and Berlin - if two places can be "the Center") lambaste Greece for not spending their last Euro on stopping migrants from getting in, and then moving on to wealthier European countries. After all, would you want to be an economic migrant to Greece right now?

Migrants are coming in through Greece because it is the "easy" route, and appears to have the defacto blessing of the Turkish government in their 2500-year war against Greece. If, in the logic of the Center, Greece can stop boats from landing on their islands (or sinking part way with the Greeks being the ones expected to pull the living and the dead from the water), then surely a country that is not broke, that is getting massive aid to address their refugee / migrant crisis, can afford to run a basic police force that can identify the starting and gathering points for people smugglers on their own territory.

Unfortunately the only thing that Tsipras is accomplishing is delaying Greece's recovery, while making the starting point even deeper.

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