23 February 2011

Christchurch, again

Our thoughts, best wishes, and prayers go out to all in New Zealand, and especially those in Christchurch. Such a beautiful city, with the lovely Avon River, Cathedral Square, and so many individual places to note. The photos just make me want to cry. 

But just like Napier after 1931, Christchurch will again be a beautiful city. 
Tony and Anne Gibling - wonderful people, Cantabrians, friends, and safe.

I have been to Christchurch many times. In the winter you can see the mountains covered in snow in the distance, while in the summer the hot northeasterly can make the city dry and warm, with wonderful long evenings. While there has been massive damage, and there will be emotional scars to last for centuries, Christchurch is still a wonderful place. 

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