02 November 2010

Breaking News: Time for a change?

First, congratulations to Mark on his new role, and our wishes for all possible success. Next, congratulations to "the new boss" (Campbell Pryde) who I am confident will make the lie of the "Who" song.

This is a great change, with leadership that understands the technology at as deep a level as possible, yet with the skills to enunciate the value proposition. Add to this the possibility of changes to membership options, and I think we might see and "XBRL US Inc" that I'll be happy to go back to calling "XUS".

Unfortunately this will not solve the funding crisis, and sadly we will probably see total staffing numbers at XBRL US Inc shrink. But then, I guess that comes wtih the job...

The best news of course will be the opportunity for a "fresh start" and for XUS to get back to its roots and mission.Some of the needed changes will probably not look good, but I'm confident that new (known) leadership will deliver the change needed, and will be able to reach out to the wider XBRL community, reinvigorate the membership (and even focus on members) while also progressing the Labs and other initiatives.

In addition, it can only be good for the international adoption of XBRL, to have the largest jurisdiction, hopefully, on the way to growth and prosperity. I expect the range of changes will also improve the financial situation. It is worth noting that even though as a US Not For Profit, with requirements of transparency, the Form 990 does not have to become public for over a year after the close of the period. So if there was a hemorrhaging of money and members, we might not knowuntil probably February or March next year, and then for 2009 only.

Hopefully the years of a flawed business model will be behind XUS, and with new leadership and new direction, the future will be nothing but success after success.

Good luck, we're behind you all the way! (Yes. really!)